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Paint Crackle Effect - Quick Tip Tuesday - YouTube
It’s Monday which means we’re back to the daily grind! What’s your favorite sign in this picture of our showroom? 😄
Swooz, Robert and Mike appear on Woodcraft's June catalog cover
Doors, doors and more doors! 🚪Did you know that we have more than 500 doors of all kinds for sale on our website? From headboards to tabletops to accent walls, there...
Latest paint recipes from our paint pros at Black Dog - awesome for your Spring project!
What are the Dawgs salvaging now? Find out on an all new episode of Salvage Dawgs tonight at 9pm | 8c on DIY Network. AND join us on Facebook LIVE after the episode with...
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Premiere of Season 9 Part II – Return to the Twin Capes Ferry

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Last Sunday’s episode showed the Dawgs retuning to Norfolk, VA, to salvage additional items from the decommissioned Twin Capes ferry. The […]
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Maker of the Month – September

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Congratulations to September’s “Maker of the Month”, Steve Gironda!  For this upcycled dining table, Steve took apart a heavy duty […]
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New Episode of Salvage Dawgs – SOS Marine Salvage

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In last Sunday’s episode, we saw Mike and Robert head down to Amelia Island, Florida, and get lessons in diving and safety […]

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