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The Stone House at Black Dog Salvage Opens

The Stone House at Black Dog Salvage has been a project near and dear to our hearts. The house sits on the property directly next to our Roanoke Showroom, and is now opened as a vacation rental property! The house showcases a salvaged inspired lifestyle with products sourced from Black Dog Salvage. Originally built by stonemason Michael Grosso and his son Joseph in 1911, it has been fully renovated, preserving the original architectural throughout the home. The house serves as the ultimate showroom for architectural salvage inspired design, with several custom pieces built in our shop and featured in Season 9 of Salvage Dawgs.


Season 9 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on the DIY Network

Highlights from Season 9 include a special build and delivery for The Joel Fund and L-Z Grace, carefully deconstructing a log cabin in Drakes Branch, VA, and helping with the Downtown Revitalization Project in Kannapolis, NC.


Season 8 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on DIY Network

Highlights from Season 8 include a special delivery to Virginia Military Institute and a mast with a past for Ballast Point Brewery's new east coast location in nearby Daleville, Virginia.


100 episodes of Salvage Dawgs

Filming episode 809 marks the 100th episode for The Dawgs!


"BDS2" opens to the public!

Black Dog's nearby receiving and storage warehouse "BDS2" opens to the public. Customers can browse this down and dirty salvage warehouse for new arrivals of architectural salvage and unusual treasures.


Black Dog Salvage Open Sundays!

Black Dog Salvage opens on Sundays from 12pm-5pm.


Black Dog Salvage debuts furniture line at High Point Market.

Black Dog Salvage opens showrooms at High Point Market, the largest home furnishings industry trade show in the world. The Black Dog Salvage "Style" multi-category furniture line launches to retailers in the U.S., Canada and beyond.


Season 7 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on DIY Network

This season the Dawgs tackle their first aeronautical salvage job and learn that the process is not unlike deconstructing buildings, with the proper guidance.


Season 6 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on DIY Network

This season hits home as the Dawgs travel to Richmond, Virginia to visit Mike Whiteside's daughter, Gracie, at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and Bally, Pennsylvania to tour the Bally Block Factory that Robert's grandfather used to manage. Mike takes on a special project for his goddaughter, Caroline (Robert's daughter) to design a bed using reclaimed doors and ceiling tin.

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint

Debut of Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint

Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint is a water-based interior paint designed to be easy and fun to use. Our unique formulation will adhere to most surfaces, cover in a single coat, and dry fast to a smooth matte finish. Our color palette uses “true” colors, making it easy for you to custom mix a color for your specific project. Black Dog Salvage Furniture Paint can be used on finished and unfinished furniture, woodwork, metal or glass.


Season 5 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on DIY Network

The launch of the new season finds Robert Kulp recovering from knee surgery and unable to join the team on the job site leaving the rest of the crew trying to manage the project under the "WWRD" (What Would Robert Do?) premise. With carefree Mike Whiteside in charge, fans can rest assured there will be some "near misses" and amusing results from his "do first think second" approach.


Molly May and Stella join the crew as Sally’s Salvage Dogs in training

While Sally the Salvage Dog adores all her loving fans, she is approaching 13 years old. She's training the next generation, Molly May and Stella, so she can enjoy more quiet time in Mike's office.

season 4 crew

Season 4 of Salvage Dawgs Premieres on DIY Network

The hits keep coming with our first trip West of the Mississippi to salvage an amusement park & a special episode with the Country Music stars Thompson Square


Black Dog Salvage Expands

We need more room! We can't believe it ourselves but 40,000 sqft can no longer contain what Black Dog Salvage has become. 2014 saw the addition of a receiving and storage warehouse across the Memorial Bridge in the Norwich Park area


Season 3 of Salvage Dawgs premieres on DIY

Season 3 finds the crew involved with the tedious job of salvaging a very large clay-fired tile roof, Very Big Snakes & a personal story about Grayson's Grandmother and St. Andrew's Catholic Church


Remaining 8 episodes of Season 1 premieres on DIY Network

They liked us! DIY Network orders more shows from Figure 8 Films & Trailblazer Studios


First 5 episodes of Season 1 of Salvage Dawgs premieres on DIY Network

What started out as a "fishing" story finally becomes a reality on the DIY Network!

Salvage Dawgs The Izard House

Filming begins for Season 1 of Salvage Dawgs

Nobody knew if this was even going to work. Who wants to watch a bunch of guys salvage a building?

iron getting unloaded

Egyptian iron arrives at Black Dog

An entire neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt was being demolished and it contained 100 to 200 year old hand wrought iron. It was a long journey across the Atlantic in containers to Michigan before it finally arrived by flatbed here in Roanoke, Virginia. We incorporate much of this iron into our custom designs as it adds beauty, flair and even more history to our unique pieces.


Sally joins the crew as Molly’s Salvage Dog in training

Mike's first dog Molly was approaching retirement age and no longer enjoyed long days on salvage jobs. Sally the Salvage Dog became the new dog in training.


First Marketplace vendors open in the Memorial Bridge Marketplace

40,000 sqft is a lot of space to fill when you are just starting out. Mike & Robert decided to rent booth space to like minded collectors, artists & artisans to help keep the lights on. The Memorial Bridge Marketplace was born.


Renovations begin on the old Magic City Laundry building at the Memorial Bridge

After three years of business, Black Dog outgrew its building and purchased a 40,000 square warehouse next to the Memorial Bridge near Grandin Village in Roanoke, VA.


Incorporated as Black Dog Architectural Salvage

From a vinyl sign with the word "Salvage" written on it to a new logo & image as Black Dog Salvage


Franklin Road Location Opens

In a warehouse Mike had rented for another project, with Mike’s 1st black dog Molly, they turned over an old vinyl sign – wrote ‘SALVAGE’ – and moments later a customer pulled into the parking lot. They haven’t looked back since.


First Salvage Job

Black Dog Salvage found its beginnings with the salvage of some of Roanoke Virginia's most notable architectural details at 21 Highland Ave.

robert and mike

Mike meets Robert

Starting a salvage business was not intentional. Mike needed a garage built; Robert came to give him advice. The two found kindred souls in each other, having both served in the Navy. After lamenting the pending demolition of a local 1892 landmark filled with architectural details, they took a chance, made a salvage offer and began saving the house piece by piece.