Day 6 — 2 Pairs of Mechanix Wear Gloves

Congrats to winner, Leigh Foster!

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The sixth day of giveaways is 2 pairs of Mechanix Wear gloves – the Classic Original Gloves and the Heavy Duty Leather Gloves. Mechanix Wear is serious about hand protection, and our hands thank them. We swear by these gloves for any job. It’s obvious that our hands need a little something extra when we’re on salvage, but what you don’t see is all the moving and lifting our Crew does with our salvage items every day at both our Main Showroom and our Receiving Warehouse. Our Crew loves the dexterity they offer without losing protection!

According to Tay, “The Heavy Duty Gloves have some amazing knuckle protection built in that really helps us when we are tearing apart old buildings. Sometimes they even give you the confidence to knock down a wall with just your hands! (Not recommended).”

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