Join in on the incredible adventures of the Black Dog Salvage team! As part of our Official Crew, you'll get a chance to join in on the salvaging fun! From behind-the-scenes footage shot personally by the Dawgs, early release access to new merchandise to special discounts and other information on what's happening with us, we're offering you a chance to join our team!

Black Dog Salvage Crew Club

Join our CREW!

Announcing the launch of our official CREW Club!  We have received an incredible response from our television series Salvage Dawgs and are excited to offer viewers a private look “behind the scenes” both on the road and here in our shop.

Think part fan club, part exclusive shopping experience. You’ll get to enjoy feeling like a member of our Crew while leaving the dirty work and heavy lifting to the Dawgs!

For a $49.99 annual fee, member benefits include: behind-the-scenes footage shot personally by the Dawgs, new arrival alerts, special discounts, access to Crew apparel, invitations to Crew-only events and more! Watch this video to see the Dawgs craft a special ‘thank you’ to CREW members.

Text SALLY to 484-21 or click HERE


Let’s get to work!