Three Question Thursday

Tay Whiteside & Grayson Goldsmith, stars of DIY Network's Salvage Dawgs, answer your questions about Black Dog Salvage, the TV Show and the Salvage Life.

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#TQT 6/29/17:

  1. When did Black Dog Salvage get started and how?
  2. Do you have any other locations?
  3. Are you two dating or are you related at all?

#TQT 6/15/17:

  1. Grayson, it’s been fun to see you in the shop building projects – do you have any new projects in the works or ones that you’d like to tackle?
  2. When they want you to pick thru an old house or factory, do you have to make an offer on everything, or do you get some stuff free?
  3. I make a lot of furniture from old barn wood and I’m having a problem with the finish on top. I use polyurethane but they never come out as shiny and thick looking as your all’s. What do u all use?

#TQT 6/1/17:

  1. I recently visited Black Dog from Michigan and loved it. I can’t wait to come back again! On my way inside, I noticed the stone house next door to your warehouse. What is that place?
  2. I met Mike and Tay at an event in Roanoke and couldn’t believe how tall they were – and on the show, you all look to be about the same height. How tall are you?
  3. I have this dream table in mind for my sitting room, but I can’t find anything like it ANYWHERE. How would I go about getting Black Dog Salvage to create what’s in my head?

#TQT 5/18/17:

  1. Grayson, I saw a photo of you with a bunny on Facebook – is that yours? What types of pets do you both have at home?
  2. I’m planning on visiting Black Dog soon – any recommendations for what to do while we’re in Roanoke?
  3. I saw a live Facebook video tour of your other warehouse – is that open to the public? Where is it located?

#TQT 5/4/17:

  1. I LOVE the tall ceilings in your showroom and the space in general – what was your building originally used for?
  2. When your families grew up together, it looked like you were all about the same age. How old are you two?
  3. What do you think each other’s strengths are? What about others in the crew?

#TQT 4/20/17:

  1. I always learn something from BDS. I had no idea that Tay works on custom cars which must be a hobby. I have 2 questions, what car are you currently building and what color did you paint your cabinets?
  2. I’ve got my mother’s iron bed frame that she and her sister shared when they were little.  I’d like to reuse the bed. Needless to say it’s very rusty, but still seems to be sturdy. It has some areas that have some sort of pattern on it that I’d like to bring out. What’s the best product to use to clean and paint it?
  3. How do you pick what jobs to do? Do people call you when they have a building to salvage or do you actively looking for jobs?

#TQT 4/6/17:

  1. What types of salvaged items are most sought after nowadays?  Do items trend?
  2. Is there a ‘most embarrassing moment’ for either of you that happened while filming?
  3. Tay / Grayson – have you had other jobs besides BDS?

#TQT 3/23/17:

  1. Have you liked something so much from a job that you bought it to use in your home?
  2. How much do Robert and Mike really fight? It seems they get along but being so opposite we know they have to a have a screaming match sometime? And do y’all run for cover when that happens?
  3. Can you speak to the old adage ‘things aren’t made the way they used to be’.  What stands out most in terms of the quality of construction in the way things were made 100 years ago vs. now

#TQT 3/9/17:

  1. What’s it like having a camera on you all the time – do you notice the crew is there?  How many folks are typically “behind the camera”?
  2. My hubby and I would like to know if any of you have ever had a salvage job you hated so much you said you would never do it again?
  3. Do you ever let the public know where and when you will be filming? And if so is the public allowed to come watch?

#TQT 2/23/17:

  1. Grayson – how is it being the only girl out on the road with a bunch of guys?
  2. Tay, I’d like for you to reach back into your memory and tell us the first thing that pops into your mind when I ask you…”What is the best memory that you have of you and your dad growing up”?
  3. What is the scariest moment you’ve had on a job? What about the proudest?

#TQT 2/9/17:

  1. Grayson, how did you get mixed up with this motley crew?
  2. Do you ever get recognized when you’re on salvage jobs or otherwise?
  3. How would you each describe your creative style?

#TQT 1/26/17:

  1. Who came up with the idea to have your own paint line? Which color is your favorite?
  2. Do you ever pull in more crew members than just the five of you? If so, how do you decide how many?
  3. Where did you all learn the most skilled aspects of your jobs, like salvaging the high-altitude church clock?

#TQT 1/12/17:

  1. When you salvage exterior pieces do you have to get a permit from the city or town you’re working in? Or are there certain procedures you have to follow before the fun stuff can begin?
  2. Enjoyed seeing you guys in Lexington! Are the winter months lean for salvage jobs for Black Dog or do they keep coming in?
  3. Love the show! Do you ever have outtakes from filming that you can show? Bet they would be goodies!

#TQT 12/22/16:

  1. I’ve gathered up 3 old Farmall tractor front grills. Not sure if I’m going to paint or leave as is. What would you do with them, Tay?
  2. Love the show and love the dogs. Do you have shirts or other items we can buy where so much goes towards a rescue mission?
  3. Who gets “bleeped” most during the show?

#TQT 12/15/16:

  1. I bought a metal ceiling tile from Black Dog and am wondering what I can do to keep the peeling paint from chipping off. I think if I start scraping off the loose pieces, there won’t be any paint left. Is there any hope?
  2. We wondered where you guys stay when you’re on the road for jobs that last two or three days?
  3. I truly enjoy all the personal insight you two bring to the Thursday interviews. Love the puppies! Who do they belong to and where do they live when not “performing”?

#TQT 12/8/16:

  1. I know Black Dog Salvage is much older than the show. How did the show start? Was Black Dog approached? Is there a story there?
  2. Can you tell me the best way to clean a barn door without losing the age-old patina?
  3. Do you see the episodes before air date and do you have any input on editing?

#TQT 11/17/16:

  1. Any idea what these are? Six-foot tall made of wood and glass and I was told they were shutters. Is that correct?
  2. Is there a point when something you guys have salvaged sat for an extended period and couldn’t be used in one of Mike’s projects and what do you do with it?
  3. Has anyone been seriously injured? Sometimes I see what you guys are taking apart and hold my breath hoping no one gets hit on the head or falls down the elevator etc…

#TQT 11/10/16:

  1. Do you take special precautions when dealing with recycled lumber, such as barnwood or chemically treated wood?
  2. What is the farthest distance you’ve traveled for a salvage jobs and what did Mike break while you were there?
  3. I have heard that old houses sometimes put the original house plans inside of the bottom newel posts of the interior staircases. Have you ever found one?  Have you ever found an interesting memento hidden away?

#TQT 10/27/16:

  1. When you salvage an item, are you already picturing something to transform it into, or is that something that comes later when it’s been in the shop a while? Which do you enjoy more – on the road salvage or inventing something new out of pieces at the shop? Love the show!!!
  2. What besides building stuff and work do you like to do outside of Black Dog Architectural Salvage? Are any of you avid readers? If so what kind of books or what are your favorite authors?
  3. I enjoy and respect what you all do. Louisville Kentucky has a lot old empty buildings you should look into. My question is what is the best way to remove old baseboards without chipping the wood?

#TQT 10/20/16:

  1. OK, I have a niece, who is a famous artist. Let’s just say her work is displayed and used on another “fixer upper” show. She is adorable…very shy…but LOVES Black Dog…especially Tay…So, Tay, how old are you?? Do you have a girl? She doesn’t know I am asking you this…my niece would die!!!
  2. My wife and I love your show and we have watched every episode (at least twice). The weekly projects are my favorite but I also like watching you guys take apart old buildings and watching the different methods of Mike and Robert when it comes to “getting it out and getting it on the truck.” My question is for Tay… Whose methods do you think works best for the benefit of the company? Your Dad’s or Roberts?
  3. Hi guys love you all can’t wait to visit! You all make such amazing things out of the old things you finds or recover, do you and or Tay, have pieces that you’ve made in your own homes, and if you do, would you be willing to share, I understand if you would rather keep it private, no problem! Again love the show, and love to buy you all a beer one day!! Roll tide!

#TQT 10/13/16:

  1. What do ya’ll do on the long road trips to break the boredom on the road? license plate tag, slug bug?
  2. What is the most unique piece or salvage you guys have done and why?
  3. I’m always amused by the “serious face” shot at the end of the opening intro of the show. Knowing how well you all get along, and how much fun and laughter you enjoy, I wonder how many “takes” it took to get that shot. And whose idea is it to go with the “serious face”? Smiles are much more natural for you guys!

#TQT 10/06/16:

  1. Grayson – heard you were an ASU grad (Go App!) My daughter and I both graduated from ASU. What was your major and how did you find out about the job at BDS? Sounds like a dream job!
  2. For Grayson: How did you first get involved with Black Dog? What makes a woman graduate from college and end up tearing apart buildings? General: How weird is it to do the set-ups for the show? You know, like when a couple of you just happen to be standing around and someone shows up with stuff.
  3. What is the process for going to a salvage location. Are you allowed full access to everything you wish to salvage? Do you ever pay the owner for the right to salvage items? Does the property owner make special requests as to what can be taken?